Connect to your deeper self in the stillness of reykholt, the west Icelandic beauty

Iceland yoga and wellness retreats are a hotel based retreat center offering all inclusive yoga and wellness holidays. We are a wellness hotel and are proud to host yoga retreats and promote optimum health in Iceland.

Our vision

Iceland yoga and wellness retreats are dedicated to uplift and inspire. Balancing our internal and external natures through the sacred practice of yoga and its philosophy is the key element of existence which our retreats endeavour to explore.

Perfect stillness
is never an accident but a natural process of personal yogic evolution.

What can you expect from an Iceland yoga retreat

A pure blend of soul touching stunning Icelandic countryside and tuning of the fine nature of mind through yoga is in store for yoga students and yoga instructors  who avail of this opportunity. Our wellness hotel and the facilities offered are one of a kind in Iceland and the months between September and May ,bring along, with the magic of aurora borealis (northern lights) an ineffable silence that perhaps cannot be matched, a kind that makes this retreat holiday ever so rich and special.

We offer one day, two day, 5 day and 7 days (minimum of 8 people) all inclusive retreat packages.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently our ayurvedic lounge is only open during scheduled retreats